What is Algebra and Who Can Learn it? Patterns and Everyone

Not sure what to say when asked, ‘What is Algebra?’ This easy to understand video explains that Algebra is the abstract relationships between different things.


What is Algebra?

Algebra is more than just a series of equations, it is also a way of thinking logically about the world.Algebra is a process that lets us explore the abstract relationships between different things and then provides us with a way to describe those relationships.

We use variables and other symbols as tools to help us express this abstraction in a way that is easier to work with.


Science Says — Everyone Can Learn Algebra!

    • Believe in yourself. Effort, motivation, and resilience will lead to success.
    • People with persevere despite setbacks are more successful.
    • Visualizing and making connections will strengthen your brain.
    • When you learn how to solve new kinds of problems, your brain grows new neurons and you get smarter.
    • Intelligence is learned and not fixed. Your brain actually adapts and rewires itself when you learn new things, and it can
                                                              do so relatively quickly.

What to do if you get stuck:

    • make sure you understand the problem
    • draw a picture
    • if you can’t solve the problem, try to solve a simpler version of the problem
       – use easier numbers
       – keep simplifying the problem until it becomes clear
    • work backwards and ask yourself:
       – what am I trying to find out?
       – what information do I need to know?
       – how do I find that information?
    • ask questions and seek input from others
       – questions help our understanding of the material and can lead us to new insights
       – talk about what you have tried, discuss what you can do next
    • remind yourself that you have overcome setbacks in the past, and you can figure this out