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One of the endlessly alluring aspects of mathematics is that its thorniest paradoxes
have a way of blooming into beautiful theories.

Philip J. Davis

What’s Going On

6th grade math class

week of Feb 5-9
We are reviewing integers and starting fractions.

week of Oct 24-27
We will review Statical landmarks on Monday and then look at exponents and decimal place value.

This will be the last week on division (for now.)
Today we will be completing our interactive notes page.

Todays topic covers mean, median, mode and Histograms

Currently we are working on adding more worksheets, giving better descriptions, and making a few more videos.
If you needing material that is not currently available email us and we will put it higher up in the priority list.

Research Based News

Growth Mindset and Making Mistakes

Peters, Jenny. “The ‘Smart’ Myth and Making Mistakes: Key Elements in Mathematics Learning.” Consider how often well-intentioned teachers encourage math students by praising their smart work when they get the right answers. In “The ‘Smart’ Myth and Making Mistakes,” Jenny Peters argues that such praise, which she often used herself, reinforces the myth that mathematicians […]

Understanding Order of Operations

Poorly Executed Mnemonics Definitely Addle Students — In this very clever post, Bill Shillito reminds us why most of the mnemonics used to remember the rules order of operations have problems.