Welcome to Front Porch Math

The Front Porch Math project seeks to build a friendly adventure through mathematics – by creating a comprehensive collection of high quality lessons endowed with enough organization to make clear the interconnections that give math its inherent awesomeness.

We have created videos that present ideas in a way to keep the students interested, focusing on concepts, rather then rules, to help develop long term understanding.

We want nothing more than to sit out here on our virtual front porch and share its beauty with all passersby, so pour yourself a glass of tea and let’s do some math!


Lea Gaslowitz:

Lea is the founding developer and creative force behind Front Porch Math. She earned her B.S.from Emory University and her Ed.M. from Harvard University. She has been teaching Math (5th grade through high school) as well as middle school science for over 30 years. Lea’s goal is to develop a comprehensive series of videos that allow students to learn both conceptually and visually. Many people need a different approach, or a different kind of presentation, in order to understand the concepts that are the building blocks for the more complex math they will need. She has created nearly 100 videos lectures to date and along with the lectures, she has been adding pages to take notes on, puzzle worksheets to help the student practice, and other lesson plan ideas.


Kenny Rochester:

Kenny is currently a mathematics educator at The Friends School of Atlanta. Kenny has earned a BA in Mathematics, Magna Cum Laude, from Morehouse College, and an MA in Education from Tufts University. Kenny enjoys teaching math with a growth mindset approach, involves having the belief that all students can learn mathematics at the highest level. He enjoys providing explanations for videos and hopes they will aid others as they continue upon their mathematical journey.


Zach Gaslowitz:

Zach is a consultant and occasional contributor to Front Porch Math. He has taught math classes in Game Theory and Combinatorics at Vanderbilt Summer Academy, and Calculus classes to Vanderbilt undergraduates. Zach received his undergraduate degree in mathematics from Harvey Mudd College and doctorate in Graph Theory at Vanderbilt.  He currently teaches at the Proof School in San Francisco.